Denise LeClaire

Director, Business Development

As Director, Business Development, Denise is responsible for activities and personnel involved in selling acoustical buildings, enclosures, barriers and other noise abatement solutions for power plants, gas compressor stations and industrial sites worldwide. Denise also oversees marketing activities for the company.

Denise began her career as a research planner for a municipal police service and expanded her experience with several government and public service agencies before joining the research and development team of an international fertilizer company. In 1998, Denise joined Innova (formerly ATCO Emissions Management) as Manager of Marketing and was subsequently promoted to Manager, Sales and Marketing in 2000.

Denise has a Masters of Geography with specialization in Demography from the University of Calgary. She was awarded the Canadian Association of Geographer's Book Prize and Fred D. Baragar Scholarship in Geography. Denise has supplemented her degree with courses in quantitative methods, new product development, strategic business planning, communications, French and Spanish.