We trace our origins to the start of Higgott-Kane Industrial Noise Controls in 1977 in Ontario. With its strong engineering and fabrication foundation, Higgott-Kane soon began supplying gas turbine silencing systems to original equipment manufacturers across the globe.

ATCO Noise Management was incorporated in 1991 in Calgary, Alberta to deliver acoustic buildings to TransCanada's cross-Canada pipeline. TransCanada called upon both Higgott-Kane and ATCO Noise Management to lower noise from compressor stations along the pipeline. This marked the beginning of a strong working relationship between two Canadian companies.

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In 2005, ATCO Noise Management acquired Higgott-Kane, which became the Environmental Systems division of ATCO Noise Management. With this acquisition, ATCO Noise Management added gas turbine silencing systems to the product portfolio to provide a complete solution and better serve our customers.

In 2009, ATCO Noise Management and the Environmental Systems division merged with ATCO Structures and ATCO Frontec to form ATCO Structures & Logistics, a leading provider of building and infrastructure solutions across the globe. Under the umbrella of ATCO Structures & Logistics, the Noise Management and Environmental Systems operations continued as separate divisions until we were merged and renamed ATCO Emissions Management in July 2012.

On December 31, 2015, ATCO Emissions Management Ltd. was acquired by TriWest Capital Partners, a leading Canadian private equity firm based in Calgary, Alberta and began operating as INNOVA Global Limited.

As INNOVA Global, we are growing, on February 7th, 2017 we purchased all of the intellectual property of Express Integrated Technologies (EIT), specialists in the design of HRSGs, OTSGs and SCRs. Many of their expert staff joined with our Heat Transfer group to offer our clients the best in heat recovery and steam generation.

Following on the heels of the EIT purchase, on October 12, 2017 INNOVA Global purchased Braden Manufacturing, another leading supplier of gas turbine auxiliary equipment and Consolidated Fabricators a top US equipment manufacturer.