Noise Management

Noise Management™ | Industrial Noise Control

Quiet your facility with confidence with Innova’s noise control solutions. Our extensive portfolio of proprietary Noise Management™ wall and roof assemblies and other noise-lowering technologies, represents the widest range of industrial noise abatement solutions and equipment in the industry - All supported by our acoustic compliance guarantee.

Our line of cost-effective products includes:

  • Acoustic Buildings
  • Acoustic Equipment Enclosures
  • Acoustic Ventilation Systems
  • Custom Designed Silencers
  • Noise Barriers
  • Turn-key Acoustic Packages
  • Re-locatable Structures for Purchase or Lease

Industrial Noise Control Applications

Over 3,500 successful projects and a wide variety of acoustical products are reasons why Innova is a recognized world leader in acoustical consulting and noise abatement technology. With complete, turn-key noise reduction solutions, we provide quieter operations across a variety of industries around the world.

  • Power Generation
  • Manufacturing
  • Petrochemical
  • Oil & Gas
  • Process
  • Transportation
  • Mining
  • Recycling

Leverage Our Expertise and Experience

Innova effectively combines noise consulting expertise with proven acoustical engineering, procurement, project management and construction experience to provide you with the optimal support needed on your noise reduction project. With our acoustical design and cost database, we are able to iterate to find the most cost effective solution to meeting an acoustic criteria (Innova Balanced Design). Access the full range of our innovative gas turbine and acoustic technologies and services.

Results Guaranteed

From a single noise level survey to the full-blown design, supply and installation of all noise control on a site, Innova has the customized, noise reduction solution to fit - guaranteed.

At Innova, we not only satisfy your project's unique noise control requirements, we also guarantee our results. In the unlikely event that the final results do not meet your acoustical specifications; we will ensure compliance at no extra charge. That is the Innova Guarantee. Innova has completed hundreds of projects with a plant-wide acoustic guarantee, and we have never failed at meeting the acoustic specifications.

Take a walk on the quiet side! Access the full range of our services and discover the level of noise attenuation provided by our products.

Contact us today - no matter how large or how small your noise issue or project.