In 2017 INNOVA purchased the Intellectual Property of Express Integrated Technologies (EIT). INNOVA staff have improved EIT’s already quality designs and implemented a better Aftermarket support system. Innova is currently working with Oilsands producers to improve the performance of existing OTSGs.

Fusion OTSG

INNOVA Fusion GT-OTSG matches both power and steam loads to provide a cost-effective solution that takes advantage of the robust design of an OTSG, along with the commercial benefits of introducing combined power and steam inside an Industrial System Designation.



Aftermarket Services

INNOVA offers engineering and onsite services for replacement parts, upgrades and retrofits. Whether you need a performance evaluation or emissions improvements, INNOVA offers quality solutions to meet your needs.

Typical Features of EIT OTSG Equipment

  • Flue Gas Recirculation – for NOx emission reduction
  • Heated Skid Enclosures – for improved operation & maintenance environment
  • On-line Steam Quality Measurement and pass balancing 
  • Forced Circulation Designs for ASME Quality Water
  • Self-contained Air Pre-Heater Systems
  • Integral Steam / Water Annex Buildings
  • Cr-Moly Pipe for improved erosion characteristics
  • 6 Pass 3-inch Designs
  • 4 Pass 4-inch Designs

Each unit is custom designed to client-specific project requirements. This includes thermal design, 3D modeling of all components, pipe stress analysis, instrumentation, and controls design to provide a reliable product.

Additional Solutions to Meet Your Project Needs

Components Services
Catalysts for Removal of CO and NOx Permitting
Noise Barriers Noise Impact Assessments
Silencers Noise Surveys
Exhaust Systems Air Emissions Analysis & Monitoring
Ventilation Systems Long-Term Service Agreements
Waste Heat Recovery Solutions Contract Operations

The INNOVA Advantage

At INNOVA, we stand behind our work and offer a comprehensive guarantee, assuming full risk for equipment performance. Our guarantee also encompasses meeting all the environmental requirements of your project; keeping you protected no matter where your project is located.