Building or installing our own products or integrating them into other equipment and scope for a turnkey construction package is how we can truly be most valuable to you. Because we have sourced materials and subcontractors and managed the construction of thousands of projects, we can provide optimized construction methods, schedules and pricing to maximize your project's cost and efficiencies.

Our construction services include:

Equipment Installation

We can perform installation on our entire range of products.

  • Pre-construction planning, scheduling, and budgeting.
  • Value engineering for cost-saving designs.
  • Fabrication and shipment of acoustical components.
  • On time, within budget, and safety-focused completion of the installation.
  • Final inspection and commissioning of the product and associated parts.
Compressor Stations2

Acoustic EPC

We can design, supply and install all critical noise attenuation for guaranteed acoustic compliance.

  • Acoustic value engineering for cost-saving designs and seamless integration of noise attenuation with your scope.
  • Budget and schedule preparation.
  • Mechanical systems design, including turbine and engine intake and exhaust systems; ventilation fans and silencers; high pressure vents and blow-down silencers; air filtration systems, and more.
  • Structural design, including acoustical buildings, enclosures, barriers; mechanical systems support; and more.
  • Detailed drawings.
  • Purchase of materials or fabrication of products.
  • On time, with budget, and safety-focused completion of the installation.
  • Post-construction compliance testing and fulfilment of site-wide acoustic guarantee.

Turnkey Compressor Station Construction

We can self-perform the engineering, procurement and construction of entire gas compressor facilities.

  • Self-performing of the engineering design and construction for all civil work, building and building systems, equipment setting and foundations, and piping systems.
  • Subcontracting of installation instrumentation, electrical work and gas and fire detection and suppression.

Single Point of Responsibility

Our INNOVA team consists of in-house noise propagation specialists, mechanical, civil and structural engineers, and experienced project managers capable of taking your venture from initial site survey and engineering design to supply and installation of the required acoustical treatment.

Single-source responsibility - We're there for you.