Kvaerner Songer Inc.


INNOVA was selected by Kvaerner Songer  Inc. to supply and install noise mitigation for the Southern California Public Power Authority’s Magnolia Power Project in Burbank, California. The new, $234 million, 310-megawatt, natural gas-fueled, combined cycle power plant, delivers energy to the six Southern California cities of Anaheim, Burbank, Cerritos, Colton, Glendale and Pasadena. The plant’s power is generated by a 242 MW General Electric model 7FA combustion turbine-generator in combined-cycle mode with a model A-14 steam turbine generator.


INNOVA supplied and installed all materials for the acoustic envelope and mechanical system of the Steam Turbine Generator Building. INNOVA also provided acoustic engineering and design services to the additional buildings at the existing plant, including the Fuel Gas Compressor and Control buildings, and for the cooling tower.


Performance targets were based on permissible noise levels for the plant site, which is located approximately two blocks from a hotel.

  • STG bldg - 69 dBA at 15 meters and 53 dBA at 122 meters
  • FGC bldg - 71 dBA at 15 meters and 49 dBA at 122 meters


Noise sources originated from equipment in two new buildings:

  • Steam Turbine Generator Building, housing the A-14 steam turbine and 7FH2 generator
  • Fuel Gas Compressor Building, housing two 2500 HP fuel gas compressor units
  • Pumps
  • Steam condenser
  • Air cooling fans


The project is in a non-industrial, urban environment in downtown Burbank on a restrictive site with severely limited storage space for materials. Consequently, materials storage was provided off-site, approximately three miles away, a situation that called upon INNOVA’s logistical experience and abilities. The construction of two new buildings in close proximity resulted in unexpectedly complicated Code requirements and approval process challenges. Responding to the client’s request, INNOVA undertook direct liaison with the California Building Office inspectors in obtaining building class designation and in meeting CBO codes, especially with regard to fire requirements. Compliance necessitated additional construction services (including a two-hour fire wall), which INNOVA undertook to meet all code requirements.


Compliance measurements, taken at 1.2 meters and 5 meters above ground, confirmed the targets were met.