URS Washington Group


INNOVA was selected by URS Washington Group to design, supply and install the noise mitigation for the grass root Suncor Firebag Cogeneration plants in Fort McMurray, Alberta.


  • Foundation Reactions
  • Primary Structural Steel
  • Secondary Steel
  • Acoustical Building Envelope
  • Personnel and Equipment Doors
  • Building and CT Enclosure Ventilation System
  • Overhead Crane
  • Building Electrical System
  • HRSG Shelters 


  • Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Code, 2003 - Part 16
  • Alberta EUB Noise Control Interim Directive ID 99-08 - new equipment added to existing sites cannot exceed a permissible sound level (PSL) of 40 dBA at the nearest sensitive receptor.
  • Suncor Technical Standard 1631 - 85 dBA in all personnel access areas of the plant and 40 dBA at the nearest residence


  • Turbine exhaust diffuser – 118 dB
  • HRSG inlet duct – 107 dB
  • Duct burner skid & piping – 100 dB
  • Boiler water feed pump – 100 dB
  • Building Ventilation Supply Fans – 99 dBA


INNOVA’s proprietary acoustic envelope was decoupled from the building structures to eliminate structure borne vibration, which if left untreated, would increase the noise from the interior of the building. Another important design feature of the INNOVA acoustical envelope is the isolation and dampening of the mechanical equipment to eliminate noise and vibration

The buildings were specially treated to reduce the amount of interior noise radiating through joints, pipe penetrations, and other openings. A combination of gaskets, insulation, and caulking sealed all panel joints and openings to reduce the noise breakout and create a weatherproof building.

Acoustic overhead coiling and man doors were installed. Wall fans with custom INNOVA discharge silencers on the interior of the building and ventilation relief using wall mounted louvers and dampers decreased the noise that could escape from the building.

As the two (2) HRSG Shelters were separated from the main generation building, INNOVA utilized “self-framer” buildings mounted on steel skids on top of the HRSGs. By using self-framing buildings which are pre-assembled and installation-ready, INNOVA minimized the field erection time.


Utilizing an acoustical system reduced noise levels from 91 dBA to 85 dBA average at the interior walls of the cogeneration facilities.