Williams Production Company


INNOVA was selected by Williams Production Company to design, fabricate and install three (3) acoustical enclosures at the Una Compressor station near Parachute, Colorado.






INNOVA’s proposed scope of work covered the design, supply, and installation of the following:

  • Steel framed structure;
  • INNOVA proprietary acoustic wall and roof assemblies;
  • Acoustic single leaf personnel doors;
  • Acoustical roll-up doors;
  • Custom designed acoustic ventilation system; and
  • Custom designed cooler inlet and exhaust silencers


Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission Aesthetic and Noise Control Regulation 802 - Maximum of 50 dBA at the property line or 350 ft from the source.


  • Nine (9) CAT 3516 engines
  • Three (3) 156-EH Vertical Cooler Air-X-Changer


INNOVA installed its proprietary ‘CAP’ enclosures: cost-effective, acoustic, portable enclosures which are easily assembled and disassembled and can be designed to meet various noise regulations:

  • Steel frames designed for Colorado’s four seasons.
  • Twelve (12) Roof mounted exhaust fan silencers.
  • Ten (10) Air inlet silencers.
  • Custom designed baffle silencing systems for cooler inlet and outlet.
  • Acoustically rated man and overhead coiling doors.
  • Combustion exhaust silencer with air emissions control


The challenge facing Williams Gas with the Una Compressor Station was to comply with Colorado’s stringent noise regulations and limit the noise impact on local residents. Initial noise measurements of the site were 55 dBA to 75 dBA at the 350ft boundary. In August of 2008, their goal was to complete noise abatement by April 2009.

Williams Gas had a tight deadline and needed a custom solution to be able to withstand Colorado’s four seasons. The ‘CAP’ also gave flexibility for future expansion at a significantly lower price than a custom designed, expandable building. The acousticians additionally modeled the site to achieve a maximum of 65 dBC at surrounding residences.


Using INNOVA’s ‘CAP’ enclosure system the project finished 3 weeks early, therefore, avoiding typical capital expenditures. The project site achieved a maximum noise level of 47 dBA measured at 350ft from the compressors and the residence noise level was reduced to 58 dBC. The ‘CAP’ enclosure system offers weather protection and can be delivered and installed quickly. Not only does it allow for quick and easy knock-down and re-installation, it is size-adjustable to any well site or compressor application and custom-designed for each project's needs.