Replacement Doors and Panels for Gas Turbine Enclosures

Consolidated Fabricators has developed an intelligent approach to replacement doors and panels for gas turbine enclosures.

Repairing or replacing damaged or worn-out gas turbine enclosure doors or panels has traditionally been a frustrating, time-consuming and expensive chore. Because they were non-standardized welded fabrications, each old door or panel required its own engineering drawing, not to mention a complex manufacturing sequence and factory assembly which eliminated any opportunity for on-site modification.


GT SMARTDOOR™ products (Patent Pending) represent a whole new approach to enclosure maintenance: a better door or panel, that’s easy to order (no need to dig out old drawings), and can be re-insulated or re-gasketed on-site to maintain thermal and acoustic performance.

GT SMARTDOOR products:

  • Function Better — Compare SMARTDOOR™ Design vs. OEM Door Design
  • Are Easier to Order — See our simplified Enclosure Door and Panel Order Form
  • Are Attractively Priced — Because we’ve designed these doors and panels from the ground up with ease of manufacturing in mind, you can expect substantial savings.

Add it up: a thermally and acoustically-superior product, less ordering hassle, and a lower price: truly a SmartDoor.

Complete Assembled Enclosuresimg_A3.jpg

If you need more than a few retrofit doors or panels for your GT, ask ConFab about designing a complete new enclosure. We can design a better-then-new solution that incorporate many improvements over your OEM enclosure.


Replace your failed door or panel.