INNOVA Exhaust Expansion Joints provide a point of flexibility in the Exhaust ducts and relieve stress caused by system movement. Expansion joints are an important part of the ductwork since they prevent strain on the structure when it expands by yielding or providing a coupling for parts of the structure.

A properly designed Expansion Joint successfully accommodates operation factors like absorption of vibration or shock, minor misalignment of ductwork, corrosion resistance, and system movement. INNOVA provides expansion joints made from various fabrics and materials depending on the application of the Expansion Joint, whether it is located on an inlet or exhaust, and high or lower temperature of heat location.

We can design Expansion Joints with lateral offset and axial compression requirements. Our EJ’s typically are designed with a solid liner system to drastically extend the life of the belt and lower external temperatures.

INNOVA also provides several types of EJs for Inlet ducting and Inlet Plenums. They can also be designed with removable sections to ease Gas Turbine maintenance.