Consolidated Fabricators (ConFab) specializes in the manufacture of complicated fabrications for power generation and gas turbine auxiliary use. Typical fabricated items include bases, diffusers and plenums that are built-to-print for our customers.

We supply fabrications for both original equipment manufacturers as well as for aftermarket use.

Some of the most common power generation-related fabrications we build are bases, standard exhaust diffusers and plenums for gas turbines. Complex code requirements are routine for us.


If it is time to replace an existing fabrication at your plant, call ConFab to discuss whether it may be best if we suggest an improvement to your original OEM’s design. With over 25 years experience in manufacturing power generation-related equipment, we have accumulated special knowledge and experience, which allows us to design improved versions of OEM equipment. Our engineers use sophisticated design tools such as FEA analysis to create replacement functions and complex gas turbine auxiliary engineered systems that can function better than OEM equipment.