Services Aligned to Your Needs

Through our fully integrated “design to delivery” service offering, St. George Steel is able to provide greater quality control and accountability. Constant communication and collaboration every step of the way ensures your project is completed accurately, on schedule and on budget.

Engineering and Drafting

St. George Steel collaborates with your team and to develop an in-depth understanding of your operational requirements and project demands prior to engineering and design. Drawing on four decades of experience, we will arrive at the best possible design solution, coordinating with you and your

sub vendors every step of the way.

All engineering design and modeling is done using INNOVA Revit (3D modeling software) and exported to SDS2 for Connection Design, prior to receiving an engineering stamp. Detailed shop drawings are then sent to our CNC machinery for fabrication.

All materials requirements are exported to purchasing software. We purchase from nested sizes. This allows us to eliminate waste, reduce fabrication time, and improve quality.


Efficiency, accuracy and quality define our manufacturing process. This applies to both small, one-off projects and large, complex builds where quick turnaround is critical. Our on-site computer-controlled equipment, heavy rolls, press breaks and many other pieces allow us to eliminate the bottlenecking of parts – so we can expedite fabrication to meet rush schedules.

Specialized equipment includes:

  • FABROL Material Management System
  • Python X Beam Processing Centre
  • Hi Def Plasma Tables
  • 1 ½’ x 10’ plate rolls

We have experience in the fabrication of speciality alloys including: L6X17, C276, 2205, Zeron 100, 304, and 316.


Our 21,000 square foot climate-controlled coating and finishing building allows for the application of multiple coats of industrial paints such as inorganic zinc, epoxy, and urethanes. Our seasoned painters are also capable of applying specialty coatings such as required for water tanks and other critical wastewater equipment.This area is also utilized to complete any required final fit up or lining which may be required after painting is complete. St. George Steel’s reclaim sandblasting booth allows for efficient operation of up to 3 blasters (27’ x 27’ x75’).To ensure we are meeting the highest quality control standards, St. George Steel has a NACE Certified Inspector on staff.

Skid Assembly

St. George Steel can provide skid assembly for coil and pipe welding and vaporization applications.

Specialty Trucking & Transport

St. George Steel owns and operates a fleet of truck designed for long-haul transportation of oversized fabricated equipment. We specialize in “high, wide and long” loads. You can trust our team of skilled, professional drivers to get your oversized components wherever they need to go – across the USA, Canada and Mexico.