Acoustic Ventilation

Quiet ventilation is needed when breakout noise is a problem, when the ventilation system itself is the dominant noise source, or if the system increases the overall noise level of your facility.

Intake and exhaust systems control internal temperatures by channeling air over industrial equipment, cooling engines and removing heat. Noise from equipment inside the building can escape through intake and exhaust openings. These openings may need to be silenced to protect and maintain the surrounding environment.

In some cases the interior of the building is quiet, but exterior noise from the large ventilation fans that bring in and expel air is a problem that must be attenuated.

INNOVA can reduce noise breakout and fan noise using:

  • Quiet fans (axial or radial)
  • Acoustically lined ridge vents
  • Acoustically lined weather hoods
  • Acoustically lined plenums
  • Acoustically lined louvers
  • Custom-designed silencers

Generator Enclosure Filter House With Silencing

We provide filtered cooling air to generators complete with silencing. The filter house for generator enclosures comes with a variety of options:

  • Static "turbine grade" filtration
  • Pre filters
  • Pulse filtration system with or without integral compressors
  • Weatherhoods
  • Louvers and mist eliminators
  • Hybrid pulse/static systems for extreme environments

Contact us today for a free quote on a ventilation system or generator enclosure filter house for your project.

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